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MSU astronomy welcomes new faculty Kerzendorf and Jacobson

MSU astronomy extends a warm welcome to the two newest members of its faculty: Professor Wolfgang Kerzendorf and Professor Seth Jacobson.

Professors Kerzendorf and Jacobson
Kerzendorf (left) and the supernova remnant Simeis 147 (top; Credit and copyright: Daniel López/IAC); Jacobson (right) and an artist's depiction of the Moon-forming collision (bottom)

Professor Kerzendorf completed his PhD at the Australian National University. He then was a postdoc at the University of Toronto, at the European Southern Observatory, and at New York University prior to joining MSU. Professor Kerzendorf is the lead developer of the widely used TARDIS code to model radiation transport. His research interests are in stellar explosions and machine learning. Professor Kerzendorf is jointly appointed in the Departments of Physics & Astronomy and Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering.

Professor Jacobson is an assistant professor in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, with an adjunct appointment in Physics & Astronomy. Prior to joining MSU, Professor Jacobson was at Northwestern University. Professor Jacobson studies planetary formation and the long-term dynamical and compositional evolution of planets, asteroids, and comets.