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For a full description of courses see the registrar's course catalog.

AST 805: Research Project
Research project to be completed under the guidance of an astronomy faculty member. Two semesters are required. A oral presentation and defense of the research serves as the comprehensive exam for the graduate astrophysics program.
AST 810: Radiation Astrophysics
Transfer of radiation through plasmas and processes for emission and absorption of photons. Interpretation of the spectra of stars, the interstellar medium, and galaxies.
AST 825: Galactic Astronomy
The Milky Way as a galaxy. Observations and techniques of theoretical analysis that are used to discover the features of our galaxy.
AST 835: Extragalactic Astronomy
Galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Large-scale structure of the universe. Cosmology.
AST 840: Stars
Physics of stellar interiors. Methods for calculating stellar models. Principles of stellar evolution.
AST 860: Gravitational Astrophysics
Experimental foundations, theory, and applications of gravitational physics and general relativity. Tests of the equivalence principle, modern solar system tests of general relativity, Schwarzschild metric, Hawking effect, Einstein's field equations.