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Student Profiles

Here a few of our graduate students share their stories about life in graduate school. For a full list of astronomy graduate students, visit the current students page. 


Hailey Moore photoHailey Moore, entered program in 2020 

Advisor: Laura Chomiuk

Hailey’s research interests focus on the interstellar medium and star formation. Her current project is understanding stellar feedback in HII regions using data from the Very Large Array.

When not working on research, she is found watching comedy shows or making baked goods to share with her fellow grad students.


Erica Thygesen photoErica Thygesen, entered program in 2019 

Advisor: Joey Rodriguez

Erica's research involves studying the properties of exoplanets. She is currently building a catalogue of systems observed by K2 and TESS to better characterise the planets and their host stars. Erica previously worked on searching for some of the brightest accreting black holes and neutrons stars in other galaxies.

Outside of work Erica enjoys practicing clarinet and piano, playing video games and doing needlework.


Josh Shields photoJosh Shields, entered program in 2019

Advisor: Wolfgang Kerzendorf

Josh is an observationalist who works at the intersection of stellar physics and statistical methodology, figuring out how to exploit the exciting new era of big data astronomy. He specializes in supernovae and their remnants, and is currently searching for surviving companions to stars that exploded thousands of years ago.