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Thomas Connor

PhD: 2016

Advisor: Megan Donahue

Thesis: Multi-Wavelength Observations of Galaxy Clusters: Population Evolution and Scaling Relations for Intermediate-Redshift Clusters

Currently: Post-doc at Carnegie

Thoughts on MSU: "Michigan State was a fantastic place for me to develop as an astronomer. MSU's involvement with the SOAR telescope meant that I could observe on a 4m telescope roughly once a month without any travel, which was critical for my development as an observer. Beyond that, MSU faculty are consistently securing observing time on the Hubble Space Telescope, XMM, Chandra, and other world-class observatories; access to that data drove the success of my dissertation. I spent five years in Lansing, and the community in the department was always friendly and welcoming; conversations between people who work in different fields and who are at different stages of their career are common. "