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Aaron Hoffer

PhD: 2013

Advisor: Megan Donahue

Thesis: Observations of Physical Processes in Cluster Cores: Connections Between the Intracluster Gas and the Brightest Cluster Galaxy

Currently: Senior Modeling Analyst at Nomis Solutions

Thoughts on MSU: "Grad school gave me the opportunity to become both a better teacher and researcher. As a lead instructor for ISP 205L, I learned how to work effectively with undergraduate students, build course curriculum, and manage a large classroom environment. As a researcher, I worked both as a contributing member to larger projects as well as the lead on multiple projects, which became the basis of my thesis. Having the opportunity to observe with a major telescope (SOAR) enabled me to more deeply work with a variety of instruments and their different modes. These research opportunities allowed me to build my presentation skills at conferences, which were invaluable for connecting with and learning directly from colleagues."