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Elias Aydi Elias Aydi Research Associate

 2173 BPS
 personal website

Multiwavelength studies of classical novae

Andrew Fullard Andrew Fullard Research Associate


Computational astrophysics, supernovae, massive stars, polarimetry

Philipp Grete Philipp Grete Research Associate

 3248 BPS
 1 517 884-5622
 personal website

Computational fluid dynamics, astrophysical plasma modeling

Chelsea Harris Chelsea Harris Research Associate

 3255 BPS

Supernovae, computational astrophysics

Zac Johnston Zac Johnston Research Associate

 3255 BPS

Computational astrophysics, core-collapse supernovae, thermonuclear X-ray bursts

Deovrat Prasad Deovrat Prasad Research Associate

 3248 BPS
 personal website

Feedback Processes in Galaxies, Groups and Clusters

Sumit Sarbadhicary Sumit Sarbadhicary Research Associate

 2173 BPS
 personal website

Supernova, Supernova Remnants, Radio Transients and Variables, AGN

Kirill Sokolovsky Kirill Sokolovsky Research Associate

 4251 BPS
 personal website

Multiwavelength observations of classical novae

Abbie Stevens Abbie Stevens Research Associate

 4261 BPS
 personal website

Compact objects, accretion, X-ray variability

Ryan Urquhart Ryan Urquhart Research Associate

 4260 BPS

X-ray and radio observations of X-ray binaries