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Ehab Ahmed Ehab Ahmed Instructor

 2169 BPS
 1 517 884-5651

Photoionization, nebulae

Edward Brown Edward Brown Professor

 3266 BPS
 1 517-884-5620
 personal website

Nuclear astrophysics, compact objects.

Laura Chomiuk Laura Chomiuk Associate Professor

 3276 BPS
 1 517 884-5608
 personal website

Radio astronomy, novae and supernovae.

Sean Couch Sean Couch Assistant Professor

 3250 BPS
 1 517 884-5035
 personal website

Computational astrophysics, supernovae, stellar evolution.

Megan Donahue Megan Donahue Professor

 3272 BPS
 1 517 884-5618
 personal website

Extragalactic astronomy, galaxy clusters.

Seth Jacobson Seth Jacobson Assistant Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences

 142 Nat Sci
 1 517 355-4626
 personal website

Planet formation, planetary science, exoplanets

Brian O'Shea Brian O'Shea Professor

 3258 BPS
 1 517 884-5638
 personal website

Computational astronomy, chemical evolution.

Joey Rodriguez Joey Rodriguez Assistant Professor

 3261 BPS
 1 517 884 5513
 personal website

Exoplanets, circumstellar disks, variable stars

Jay Strader Jay Strader Associate Professor

 3275 BPS
 1 517 884-5605
 personal website

Near-field cosmology, globular clusters.

Mark Voit Mark Voit Professor

 3270 BPS
 1 517 884-5619
 personal website

Extragalactic astronomy, feedback in clusters of galaxiers.

Steve Zepf Steve Zepf Professor and Chair

 3268 BPS
 1 517 884-5617
 personal website

Extragalactic astronomy, globular clusters.