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Astronomy Seminar Schedule

Astronomy Seminars take place on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in BPS 1400, unless otherwise noted. 

Current Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Institute Title
Jan 15 Astronomy Climate Discussion    
Jan 22 Kirill Sokolovsky MSU VLBI observations from space with RadioAstron
Mon, Feb 3, 1:30 Faculty Candidate    
Feb 5 Faculty Candidate    
Mon, Feb 10 2:30 Faculty Candidate    
Feb 19 Faculty Candidate    
Mon, Feb 24, 12:30 Faculty Candidate    
Feb 26 Faculty Candidate    
Mar 25 Jeff Silverman Samba TV  
Apr 1 Ryan Urquhart MSU  
TBD Rachel Bezanson University of Pittsburgh  

Other Astronomy Related Talks

Date Speaker Institute Title Notes
Jan 13 Wen-fai Fong Northwestern Neutron star mergers, near and far JINA-CEE lunch seminar (12:30, BPS 1400)
Jan 27 Mike Pajkos and Nabin Rijal MSU Vital nuclear processes in core-collapse supernovae; and Measurements of α-processes relevant for the weak r-process JINA-CEE Science Cafe (2:00, BPS 1400)
Jan 30 Ellen Zweibel University of Wisconsin   P&A Colloquium (3:30, BPS 1415)
Feb 10 Reto Trappitsch Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Understanding stellar nucleosynthesis, its sites,
and galactic chemical evolution by analyzing stardust grains

JINA-CEE lunch seminar (12:30, BPS 1400)
Feb 24 Elias Aydi MSU   JINA-CEE Science Cafe (2:00, BPS 1400)
Mar 12 Jenny Greene Princeton Dwarf Galaxies and Their Black Holes P&A Colloquium (3:30, via Zoom)

Mar 19

Alice Shapley UCLA   P&A Colloquium (3:30, BPS 1415)
Mar 23 Marsha Carolan MSU/NSCL   JINA-CEE Science Cafe (2:00, BPS 1400)
Apr 27 Terri Poxon-Pearson MSU/NSCL   JINA-CEE Science Cafe (2:00, BPS 1400)