Astronomy Seminar Schedule

Astronomy Seminars take place on Wednesdays in BPS 1400 at 1:30pm. 

Current Seminar Schedule:

Date Speaker Institute Talk Title Notes
Sep 5 Abbie Stevens MSU "Mapping Matter in Strong Gravity: Spectral-Timing of Black Holes and Neutron Stars"  
Sep 12 Ryan Connolly/ Laura Shishkovsky MSU    
Sep 19 Jonathan Trump UConn "Mapping the Census of Supermassive Black Holes"  
Sep 26 Dan Weisz UC Berkeley "The Lowest-Mass Galaxies In the Early Universe: Insights from the Local Group"  
Oct 3 Ann-Marie Madigan Colorado Boulder "The Importance of Being Eccentric"  
Oct 10 David Vartanyan Princeton   Special Location: FRIB 1300
Oct 17 Philipp Grete MSU "Magnetized astrophysical turbulence -- from phenomenology, to simulation, to modeling"  
Oct 24 Jackie Faherty AMNH    
Oct 31 Koji Mukai Goddard "Hard X-ray views of cataclysmic variables and symbiotic stars"  
Nov 7 Deovrat Prasad MSU    
Nov 14 Noel Richardson UToledo    
Nov 28 Sam Swihart/Dana Koeppe MSU    
Dec 5 Evan Schneider Princeton    


Other Astronomy Related Talks

Date Speaker Institute Talk Title Notes
Sep 10 Ian Roederer UMich   JINA Lunch speaker (12pm, BPS 1400)
Sep 27 Chris Kochanek Ohio State "In Search Of: The Formation of a Black Hole" Colloquium speaker (4pm, BPS 1410)
Oct 1 Michael Norman UCSD   CMSE speaker (4pm, EGR 1502)
Oct 9 Chris Fryer LANL   JINA Lunch speaker (12pm, BPS 1400)
Oct 25 Genevieve Graves Independent   Colloquium speaker (4pm, BPS 1410)
Nov 5 Chris Miller UMich   CMSE speaker (4pm, EGR 1502)
Nov 6 Darren Grant MSU   HEP seminar speaker (1:45pm, BPS 1400)