Astronomy Seminar Schedule

  • Oct 24, 2019

Astronomy Seminars take place on Wednesdays at 1:30pm in BPS 1400. 

Current Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Institute Title
Sep 11 Astronomy Climate Discussion    
Sep 18 Danielle Berg Ohio State Extreme UV Emission: Bridging Galaxy Evolution Across Cosmic Time
Sep 25 Lia Corrales University of Michigan Astromineralogy and dust grain growth with X-ray imaging and spectroscopy
Oct 2 Seth Jacobson MSU A giant impact origin for the Earth-Venus dichotomy
Oct 16 Astronomy Group Research Highlights    
Oct 23 Brian Clark MSU The Quest for Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos
Oct 30 Tim Dolch Hillsdale College The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves Pulsar Timing Array
Nov 6 Hannah Yasin Technische Universität Darmstadt Core-collapse supernovae and the equation of state
Nov 13 Chelsea Harris MSU Outside the Wall
Nov 20 Shane Davis University of Virginia  
Dec 4 Daniela Huppenkothen University of Washington  

Other Astronomy Related Talks

Date Speaker Institute Title Notes
Sep 5 Peter Garnavich Notre Dame The Spin Cycle: Rapidly Rotating Magnetized White Dwarfs in Close Binaries P&A Colloquium (3:30, BPS 1415)
Sep 9 Carolyn Raithel University of Arizona Constraining the dense-matter equation of state with neutron star mergers JINA-CEE lunch (12:30, BPS 1400)

Sep 11

Jeremy Holt Texas A&M Hot and dense neutron-rich matter in supernovae and neutron star mergers Nuclear Science Seminar (4:10, 1200 FRIB)
Sep 12 Jeremy Sepinsky Center for Naval Analyses Alternative Careers in Astrophysics: Wargaming for the US Department of Defense P&A Colloquium (3:30, BPS 1415)
Sep 23 Kirby Hermansen & Chelsea Harris MSU Supernovae JINA-CEE Science Cafe (1:30, BPS 1400)
Sep 24 Segev BenZvi Rochester Probing Dark Energy and Dark Matter with Massive Redshift Surveys HEP seminar (1:30, BPS 1400)
Oct 1 Mehr Nisa MSU Constraining the Foregrounds for New Physics in Searches for TeV Cosmic Rays and Gamma Rays HEP Seminar (1:30, BPS 1400)
Oct 7 Abbie Stevens MSU Mental Wellbeing for Early-Career Researchers JINA-CEE Science Cafe (2:00, BPS 1400)
Oct 21 Gabriella Contardo Flatiron Institute Deep Representation Learning, Binary Stars and Anomaly Analysis Machine Learning Seminar (10:30, BPS 1400)
Oct 21 Wolfgang Kerzendorf MSU Nucleosynthesis constraints through very late observations of Type Ia supernovae JINA-CEE lunch (12:30, BPS 1400)
Oct 24 Artemis Spyrou MSU Making gold and other heavy elements in the Universe  P&A Colloquium (3:30, BPS 1415)
Oct 31 Vashti Sawtelle MSU Diversity in Physics Education P&A Colloquium (3:30,BPS 1415)
Nov 25 Sam Giuliani MSU Fission and Nucleosynthesis JINA-CEE Science Cafe (1:30, BPS 1400)
Dec 5 Kirsten Tollefson MSU Particle Astrophysics P&A Colloquium (3:30, BPS 1415)
Dec 9 Luca Izzo DARK/NBI, University of Copenhagen Classical novae as lithium factories in the galaxy JINA-CEE lunch (12:30, BPS 1400)