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Astronomy Seminar Schedule

Astronomy Seminars take place Wednesdays at 1:30pm, unless otherwise noted. 

Current Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Institute Title
Sep 8 Liz Friedman  

Searching for Neutrinos Associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts in IceCube

Sep 15 Adam Kawash MSU  
Sep 22 All-hands climate survey    
Sep 29 Elizabeth George   Detector Effects and Your Science
Oct 6 Elliana Abrams UC Berkeley  
Oct 13 Samantha Stever  

**Seminar at 11 am**
Cosmic Ray Effects on the LiteBIRD Space Mission

Oct 20 Mia de los Reyes Caltech Using Galactic Archaeology to Probe the Physics of Type Ia Supernovae
Oct 27 Forrest Glines & Claire Kopenhafer MSU  
Nov 3 Melinda Soares-Furtado    
Nov 10 Theron Carmichael Edinburgh  
Nov 17 Juliette Becker Caltech  
Dec 1 Renee Ludlam Caltech Characterizing the Properties of Accreting Neutron Stars in the NICER-NuSTAR Era
Dec 8 Cassandra Lochhaas STScI  

Other Astronomy Related Talks

Date Speaker Institute Title Note
Sep 7 Subir Sarkar Oxford Beyond the standard cosmological model HEP seminar
Sep 30 Alycia Weinberger Carnegie Institution Decoding Disks: Planet Formation and Composition Physics/Astronomy Colloquium
Oct 21 Laura Keidberg Max Planck Institute Planets are places: Characterization of other worlds in the 2020s and beyond Physics/Astronomy Colloquium
Nov 9 Christian Hack TU Munich Detection of an astrophysical antineutrino with IceCube HEP Seminar