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Nathan Sanders

Class of 2010

Nathan Sanders leads the Quantitative Team at Legendary Pictures, a Hollywood entertainment company best known for its films like Dark Knight, Godzilla, and Interstellar.  The Quantitative Team brings diverse experience in physical, computational, and social sciences to Legendary's Boston-based Applied Analytics division.  They build novel statistical models, identify first-of-their-kind applications of machine learning methodologies, and design scientifically rigorous experiments and surveys that enable remarkable inferences and predictions about consumers in the entertainment industry and beyond.  At Michigan State, Nathan was a Physics and Astrophysics major who worked with Steve Zepf on IR observations of extragalactic globular clusters, with Ed Loh on the development of the Spartan IR Camera, and with Michael Velbel on microscopy of comet samples returned from the NASA Stardust mission.  He did his doctoral work on Bayesian statistical modeling of core-collapse supernova populations with Alicia Soderberg at Harvard University.